În caz de nevoie urgentă de fonduri, un credit rapid în România poate fi salvarea unei situații dificile. Pentru cei care nu au timp de pierdut.


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Sorin Dumitrascu
Senior Construction Manager

AIG Lincoln
We appreciate that the contractor is a reliable partner with a high level of professionalism, delivering quality works in contractual deadlines.

Our staff continues to collaborate with MASTERBUILD for the execution of building envelope systems for industrial and office buildings.”

Deya Desouza
OBO Project Management Director

Embassy of the United States of America, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
The success of any complex project depends in a large measure on the team assembled and the team’s ability to communicate and work collaboratively and unselfishly towards the goal.

MASTERBUILD`s service to OBO was excellent and their contribution to the construction team commendable. Again, I highly recommend the MASTERBUILD team and would welcome their contribution to future construction teams I work with.

Andreea Ioana Brinzoiu
Vice President

On behalf of the MagiCAMP – one of the leading charity organizations in Romania, we are honored to recommend MASTERBUILD as trusted Construction Managers & Engineers.

As coordinators of the MagicHOME project (private accommodation premises for sheltering the parents of the children with oncologic affections in the main Bucharest hospitals), we had the opportunity to work with MASTERBUILD, in their quality of Project and Construction Managers.

MASTERBUILD demonstrated a highly professional and ethical behavior during the project stages, with thorough attention to technical quality, efficient budgeting and execution.

Remus Radulet
General Manager

General Leasing
Given the quality of service, the dedicated and responsible conduct and most of all the thorough delivery of the entire contractual package, our company is expanding its collaboration with MASTERBUILD to develop its national strategy, through the building of new outlets.

George Gogios
Commercial Manager

AICI Special Projects
We appreciate that MASTERBUILD is a partner with a high level of professionalism, delivering quality work and with high respect for deadlines and quality parameters.

Our staff continues to collaborate with MASTERBUILD for the completion of various closing matters related to our project during the warranty period.

Marius Glavan
Logistics Manager

On behalf of the Romanian subsidiary of Ravago Group Belgium, I am honored to express our highest form of consideration for MASTERBUILD, as trusted Design & Build Contractors.

We had the opportunity to contract MASTERBUILD for the execution of the architecture and structure components in the refurbishment and modernization of our logistics & office headquarters (6.000 sqm) in North Bucharest, Romania.

Through the construction timeline of the project, MASTERBUILD representatives have proved a high level of professionalism, experience, dedication and commitment to quality. I highly recommend MASTERBUILD and would welcome their contribution to future construction projects.

Catalin Craciun
Executive Manager

Tegola Romania
We mostly appreciate the leadership capacity and the flexibility of the technical team of MASTERBUILD, which favorably differentiates this company from its competitors.

We grant MASTERBUILD our trust and our full support and recommend this company to promote and to implement our technical solutions.

Ion Stan
General Manager

Conarg AG
We appreciate that the Contractor is a partner with a high level of professionalism; making quality work respecting deadlines and quality parameters.

The services provided have expanded during the warranty period, contractor showing their willingness to perform maintenance even after the warranty expired on a contract basis.

Anca Bibu
Procurement Manager

ICIM SA Ploiesti
We appreciate that the Contractor is a partner that proves professionalism, a solid financial situation and it is timely accomplishing all the contractual obligations they committed to. The quality of the performed works is undeniable.

Catalin Craciun
Executive Director

General Membrane
In our capacity of hydro-insulation systems producer, we warmly recommend MASTERBUILD as a specialized contractor, which excels in putting our products in place.

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