MASTERBUILD: Development direction is focused on perpetual growth

While in 2020 the building sector contributed to the attenuation of economic decrease, this year there were fewer projects, in January by 3.6% compared to last year, according to the data published by INS< Masterbuild specialists have noticed. They added that the pandemic caused moments of reflection on the digital revolution, imposed by the new normality and the related restrictions. The transition towards the online environment and the identification of optimum means for integration are just a few questions each company must answer in the next period. Below, Bogdan Costea, Project Developer/ Business Developer within the company, provides some current information.

- What effect has the medical crisis had on operations?

-Despite the pandemic context, we continued to work intensely. The fast adaptation to the new social context and the adequate calibration of the structure have helped us achieve good performance last year and helped us gradually improve our profitability, according to the strategy from the last years. In 2020 we recorded a turnover of RON 33.8 million, and in this financial year we will be receptive to any novelty this crisis will bring, and we will continue our development and extension plans, in order to have better financial performance.

- What are the main projects on which you work in this period?

- We are connected to the current economic dynamics, we have development and extension plans, but we are also attentive to what is going on, in order to accelerate at the right time. We are constantly adapting to the needs of the market based on the pandemic context. Our main projects especially aim at agricultural, industrial and retail building works. We are already present in the development sectors from the most important regions in the country. The total portfolio of the Masterbuild works amounts to approximately half a billion euros, and we are preparing to exceed the next symbolic threshold, next year.

- What action directions have you defined, in order to develop the company?

- The Masterbuild direction remains focused on perpetual growth.

Accelerated migration towards electronic trade causes increases in the demand for storage space.

At the same time, technology enhancement in view of the transition from an economy of chaotic consumption to a circular one brings new requirements, in order to keep up with the demands of the market and ecological trends. Moreover, climate change reconfirms the need for a healthy and diversified agriculture. That is why, our investments will target innovation in environment, digitalization and automation.

- How do you manage the difficulties you face in your activities? 

- Because of increases in the prices of building materials, which continue in 2021, because of the deficit of raw materials and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, manufacturers use an artificial correction coefficient, which in the end leads to unbalance between demand and supply. The problem is, most times, the end user is the last one informed regarding these increases. We, as developers, are forced to take responsibility for the initial budget, and risk our profit. When we encountered this situation, we reflected and oriented towards other production markets, by considering the import version.


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